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Welcome to our public consultation

Bloor Homes, one of the largest privately owned house builders in the country, is bringing forward proposals for 98 new, high-quality homes on land off Kniveden Lane, Leek.


Before submitting a planning application to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC), we want to hear the views of local people. What do you think about our proposals? What type of properties would you like to see delivered in Leek? What issues would you like us to consider in preparing our plans? What do you like or dislike about our initial proposals?


Please take a moment to take a tour of our proposals to find out more about our scheme and provide your feedback.

Find out more about Bloor Homes by visiting our main website


Why are new homes needed here?


Nationally, there has been a failure to deliver the number of houses required to meet current housing requirements and those of future generations. Leek, in particular, has seen very few new homes built in the past decade and now there is significant need for a range of houses locally, including family and affordable homes. National planning guidance requires SMDC to be able to demonstrate that it has enough land to deliver housing for the next 5 years. However, SMDC has less than 2 years’ worth of housing land.


To address its undersupply of housing and to meet local housing needs, SMDC have allocated sites for housing development in its emerging Local Plan. The Local Plan is a District wide development plan and is set to replace SMDC’s present local development framework (Core Strategy, Biddulph Area Action Plan (AAP) and previous Local Plan). It sets out the development strategy, strategic and development management policies, and land designations for the District.


The application site has been assessed for residential development by SMDC and is considered suitable and appropriate for housing. It has therefore been allocated for residential development as part of emerging allocation Policy DSL 2 Land at The Mount in the new Local Plan.


The emerging Local Plan is at an ‘advanced stage’ with main modifications accepted by an independent Planning Inspector. The emerging Local Plan should therefore be afforded ‘substantial weight’ in decision making.


Bloor Homes’ proposals are therefore being brought forward in response to an identified housing need in Leek and in accordance with SMDC’s emerging planning policy framework.

Site history


The application site is greenfield in nature and extends to approximately 3.19ha. It is currently used for grazing sheep. The site is broadly rectangular in shape with the site topography generally sloping up from the south-western corner towards the northern and eastern boundaries.


The site is bound to the north by Kniveden Lane, to the east by Mount Road, to the south by an open field and beyond that by Pike Hall Farm, and to the west by residential properties on Moorland Road. The site boundary is demarcated by established hedgerows, wire fencing, and a stone wall along Mount Road.



The site is situated in a highly sustainable location on the eastern edge of Leek, which is well served by shops, amenities and other community facilities. The Manual for Streets states that walkable neighbourhoods and shopping facilities offer the greatest potential to replace short car trips, and the Mount benefits from a number of community facilities and local amenities within walking distance.


Leek First School and Leek High school are located adjacent to the site, while Leek Moorlands Hospital is a 10-minute walk. Leek Health Centre and Moorlands Medical Centre are both within 1 km of the site, while Leek Town Centre is less than 2km from the site.


In terms of public transport, the nearest bus stops are located approximately 500m to the north on the A53 via Mount Road. Further additional bus stops are located approximately 600m to the west along the A523 via Kniveden Lane. These provide services to Leek town centre, Hanley, Ashbourne, and Westwood.


Leek is also well connected to the strategic highway network and situated within circa 35 minutes travel time of Stoke-on-Trent, Macclesfield, Buxton and the M6 Motorway.

Our Proposals

The proposed development comprises a range of 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom dwellings. The dwellings will be 2-storey in height with 8 dwellings 1-storey in height.


A range of dwellings sizes and types are proposed to provide choice in the local housing market and to meet demand for various household sizes. Of the 98 dwellings proposed at the site, 32 would be affordable. These dwellings are identified via the red and blue dots on the Masterplan included above.



The Bloor Difference


Our approach to exterior and interior design, house layouts and landscaping is informed by the principle of delivering quality and space. We take a bespoke approach to each development layout, with each proposed development tailored to reflect its unique setting.


The collection of homes proposed at the site have been thoughtfully designed and crafted for modern living, with open plan living spaces, modern appliances and luxurious finishing touches throughout.


Bloor Homes began building houses over 45 years ago and is one of the largest privately-owned housing groups in the UK. Each year, Bloor Homes builds a range of homes for those looking to downsize, move up the property ladder or buy for the very first time. Click here to read more about Bloor Homes on their website.

Site considerations

The planning application to be submitted to SMDC will be supported by a suite of technical assessments which will be publicly accessible via the Council’s online planning register once the application is submitted.

A summary of the considerations to be addressed by the technical assessments is set out below.


Landscape & visual impact


The site is open to views from the existing footpath crossing the site and portions of Mount Road that are directly adjacent to the site’s eastern boundary. Mount Road separates the site from the wider agricultural landscape to the east and forms a robust, defensible edge to the settlement.


The site is considered to be of medium landscape sensitivity and of moderate landscape capacity due to its relationship with the surrounding residential area and urban context of Leek to the west, and has been included in the Leek settlement boundary in the emerging Local Plan.


However, in acknowledgment that those who use Mount Road for informal recreation may be sensitive to landscape change in this location, tree planting and a strip of open green space is to be provided along Mount Road to soften the landscape visual impact of the development.



The site at present is not home to any protected species and has a low biodiversity value. However, Bloor Homes always seeks to protect and enhance the ecology of sites where we deliver new homes. As such, comprehensive ecology surveys have been undertaken, and existing trees and hedgerows will be retained where possible. Additional tree planting and landscaping will enhance the biodiversity of the site.



It is proposed that vehicular access to the site will be from Kniveden Lane. The proposed development access will provide a 5.0m wide carriageway, and 1.8m wide footways on both sides of the carriageway. The footways will tie into the existing 1.8m wide footways to the south of the access along Kniveden Lane. The access will also enable the required visibility for a 30mph road with 2.4m x 43m visibility splays provided.


Trip generation


To determine the number of trips generated by the proposed development, a trip generation exercise has been undertaken, and the weekday morning and evening peak hours have been assessed.


As part of the trip generation exercise the Trip Rate Information Computer System [TRICS] version 7.7.2 has been used to derive the predicted multi-modal trip generation flows associated with the proposed development.


The TRICS database is an industry accepted tool for predicting likely number of trips from a proposed development by comparing the site with existing developments of a similar size and characteristics within the UK.


The resultant trip generation exercise has identified that the proposed development is expected to generate approximately 42 two-way trips during the morning peak hour, and 42 two-way trips in the evening peak hour.


The two-way trips in both the morning and the evening peak hours equates to 42 additional vehicles impacting upon the local highway network within the peak hours. Volumetrically this only equates to less than 1 additional vehicle every minute during the peak hours.


It is considered that the anticipated traffic impact from the proposed development would not have a ‘detrimental’ or ‘severe’ impact upon the local highway network.

Key services


New development inevitably increases the number of people that use local services and infrastructure such as schools, GP surgeries and local roads.


As such, Bloor Homes have been engaging with SMDC and Staffordshire County Council to understand whether these services and infrastructure have sufficient capacity to support new residents. Should any issues be identified, discussions will be held between the Council and Bloor Homes as to how the plans can help facilitate the required work to ensure services and infrastructure can continue to operate effectively.


The wider Land at The Mount masterplan includes the provision of a new primary school, located to the north of this site adjacent to Leek High School, toward which Bloor Homes will be making a financial contribution via Section 106 payment.



The site is situated within Flood Zone 1, which means there is a low probability of the flooding at the site. The proposed development will seek to utilise Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) to manage surface water across the site. A flood risk assessment and drainage strategy will be submitted to accompany the application.


Community benefits

Delivering the right homes for the local area


Like the rest of the UK, new homes are needed in locally. Bloor Homes is committed to delivering the right homes for the local area and, as such, is bringing forward a range of properties to suit local needs, including smaller homes suited to first time buyers and the elderly. In addition, the proposals include the provision of 32 much-needed affordable homes for those struggling to get a foot on the housing ladder.

Unlocking investment in a new school


Bloor Homes’ proposal for 98 homes in Leek forms part of the emerging allocation Policy DSL 2 Land at The Mount within SMDC’s emerging Local Plan. As part of this allocation, a new primary school is proposed to the north of Bloor Homes’ site, adjacent to Leek High School. As such, Bloor Homes’ development will facilitate the delivery of this new school for Leek.

Excellent homes delivered by an award-winning housebuilder


Bloor Homes is a 5* builder for customer satisfaction, which means quality is guaranteed when we build new homes. We’re proud of our meticulous attention to detail. It might make us different, but it’s what creates a distinctive, quality home. From making the staircase a bit wider and the ceilings a little higher, to using ash handrails for an extra touch of light, everything is carefully considered and thought through.

Economic benefits

A boost for businesses in Leek


Delivery of our new homes at the site will increase the number of residents who use Leek’s shops, cafes, restaurants and other amenities. These residents will bring additional footfall for businesses and give a huge boost to the local high street. This, in turn, could act as a catalyst for further investment in the area.

Increased Council funds


SMDC will receive increased Council Tax revenue generated from these new homes. This additional income will be available to spend on local facilities to benefit the community. In addition, the Council may receive a New Homes Bonus payment from the Government, which is an incentive payment made to councils to support the building of homes.

New jobs


The scheme will create new employment opportunities during the construction phase, both directly and indirectly through the supply chain. The housebuilding industry, including its supply chain, is a major contributor to both national and local economies as part of the wider construction sector, both through the employment it creates and the investment it makes in the sites being built. 


Bloor Homes is committed to public engagement in respect of our proposals, and we have sought to provide more information on various aspects of the plans below:

What is being proposed?

Bloor Homes is bringing forward proposals for 98 high-quality new homes, along with enhanced landscaping and the provision of an area of publicly accessible open space.

Where is the site?

The site is located to the east of Leek and is bound to the north by Kniveden Lane, to the east by Mount Road and to the south by an open field and beyond that by Pike Hall Farm. On the western boundary of the site are residential properties on Moorland Road. The site is owned by Ollerton Estates and currently used for grazing sheep.

What about the rest of the Mount?

Bloor Homes’ site is part of the wider Land at The Mount allocation in SMDC’s emerging Local Plan. A masterplan has been produced to illustrate how residential development and land safeguarded for a new a new school could be suitably and sustainably accommodated at Land at The Mount. Although the masterplan has been produced in conjunction with neighbouring land owners, when each site will come forward for development is subject to the prerogative of individual land owners.

What types of properties are proposed?

Bloor Homes’ proposals seek to respond to local housing needs, such as the current demand of homes for first-time buyers, the elderly and growing families. As such 8 x 1-bed, 10 x 2-bed, 34 x 3-bed, and 46 x 4-bed dwellings are proposed.

Are there any plans to provide affordable housing?

33% of proposed dwellings would be affordable housing (21% affordable rent and 12% shared ownership).


Affordable units will be constructed throughout the development in a style consistent with the other dwelling houses within the development.

Why do we need new homes?

To find out more about why new homes are needed locally, visit our background page.

Have you considered the impact on local roads?

Yes, the Transport Statement which accompanies the application demonstrates that Bloor Homes’ proposal for 98 homes will not have a significant impact on local roads. To find out more, visit our site considerations page.

Why are you consulting?

Bloor Homes is committed to engaging with local residents and stakeholders about our plans for Leek. We know that only by working with the local community can we help to deliver what your area needs in the right way.

How can I comment on the plans?

There are a number of ways you can have a say on our proposals, such as completing an online feedback form or calling the community information line on 0333 358 0502 (Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 5.30pm). You can also email us at newhomesforleek@havingyoursay.co.uk.

Your Views

Our public consultation runs from Friday 7th August to Friday 21st August 2020. During this time, you can leave your comments by completing our form here, or you can get in touch with us with us if you have a question by:


Completing the feedback form available here


Speaking to a member of the team on 0333 358 0502

(weekdays 9.00am – 5.30pm)


or email newhomesforleek@havingyoursay.co.uk

About Us

Bloor Homes began building houses over 45 years ago and is one of the largest privately-owned housing groups in the UK. Each year, Bloor Homes builds a range of homes for those looking to downsize, move up the property ladder or buy for the very first time. Click here to read more about Bloor Homes on their website.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the development team using the following details:

You can speak to a member of the team on 0333 358 0502

(weekdays 9.00am – 5.30pm)


You can email us on newhomesforleek@havingyoursay.co.uk